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VR games Amsterdam

At VR games Amsterdam you enter completely new worlds. As soon as you put the headset on, you imagine yourself in a virtual world in which you play fun mini-games and have fun experiences.

We offer a total of 4 VR sets that can be played. These VR sets consist of VR glasses and two controllers (one per hand) to play the games.  With the headset on, you have 360-degree visibility in the game and all the movements you make (with your controller or small steps) actually happen in the game.

As mentioned, we have 4 sets. We recommend a maximum of 4 people per set. The activity lasts 75 minutes, during the activity the participants continue to play and you take turns playing games. Idling around is certainly not an option! Even when it’s not your turn, VR is super cool. Every VR set has a large flat screen TV on which you can see exactly what the playing participant is seeing at that moment! During the activity there is a trained UP activity supervisor present who does an instruction, helps the kids with the games and monitors the time with the spinning.

New: VR race simulator

The virtual reality race simulator is new at t he UP Events VR games. You take a seat in a real racing chair. And you’ll have a Thrustmaster steering wheel in your hands with Force Feedback. This allows you to feel the signals in the steering wheel that you get in the game, such as a shock when you hit something or when you cross a threshold. That way you can respond to the situation. With the VR headset on your head, you will be completely immersed in the game. This is next level racing!

Price VR games Amsterdam

At our location
In your own private VR-room
Duration: 75 minutes
4 Headsets (3 regular en 1 VR race simulator)
6 – 200 persons €19,95 pp excl 9% VAT

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VR games Amsterdam at UP Events

At UP Events you can book the VR games Amsterdam with colleagues, friends or family. There are 4 VR sets in our VR room. We recommend a maximum of 4 people per set so that everyone has a enough turns. The activity lasts 75 minutes as standard, but you can of course also book extra sessions. During the activity, you take turns playing various VR games. Sitting still is simply not an option! Even when it’s not your turn, VR is super cool. There is a large flat screen TV above every VR set that shows exactly what the playing participant is seeing at that moment. During the VR games there is an instructor present for instructions and help.

Play virtual reality games

With Pistol Whip you will defeat bad guys while shooting and diving away. Dodge all bullets and obstacles as quickly as possible and don’t forget to reload! Angry birds is already a mega addictive game on your phone, but a true experience in VR. Grab the birds and shoot them at the green pigs and scaffolds with a catapult. Also very popular, and a game that you have to try, is Shooty Fruity. The multitasking shooter game in which you can take on various functions, unlock new weapons and destroy loads of fruit during your juicy top job. Scan! Shoot! Repeat! In addition to these games you also play The Lab and Robin Hood VR. Really awesome games that you can’t get enough of.

What are virtual reality games?

VR games are games played in a virtual reality environment. The environment is generated with computers and can be viewed through a special VR headset. The user sees and hears an entire different environment. An immersive and lifelike experience that is interactive. It is possible to explore and manipulate the environment. The goal is an experience that can no longer be distinguished from real life.

VR games Amsterdam combinations

VR games Amsterdam is ideal as a company outing, team outing, group outing, bachelor outing or department outing. You can book VR games at our location in Amsterdam West in a package deal. Would you want to UPgrade your event with an extra activity such as lasergamebubble footballescape room? Do you also want to have a nice drink and enjoy a delicious BBQ? Please fill in the contact form or call +31 (0) 204635850.