10 - 5000 People

Operation Mindfall

Operation Mindfall is a new game at UP Events where you become a spy. As a spy you are sent on a mission. Within 2 hours, you and your team must find the antidote against a virus that controls people’s brains. Can you and your team find the antidote before the terrorists spread the virus and take control of humanity.

Agent X directs you to the most important mission of your life, can you handle it or will you collapse under pressure?

Make the right choices

In this game you play against each other in teams of 3 to 8 players.

Operation mindfall is a game with many challenges and puzzles. This means that you must have a team that can handle everything. So choose wisely! With the new digital puzzles and the old-fashioned treasure map search combined you come to a great new game for old and young. Mindfall is for the new generation and older, this could bring the people in your company closer together.

This GPS Game can be played from our own location, but also in every major city in the Netherlands and Belgium. Mindfall is not only playable in a city, but also on a fixed location. You can even play it at your own office! You could take a look at Operation Mindfall indoor if you’re interested.

Price Operation Mindfall at our location

Duration: 2,5 hour
Per person € 25,45 excl. 9% VAT.

When you are with less than 10 players you can book for 10 players.

When you are with more than 25 players please fill in the contact form.

Price at your location

Duration: 3 hour
15 – 49 persons € 29,45 pp excl. 21% VAT.
50 – 99 persons € 27,45 pp excl. 21% VAT.
100 – 2000 persons € 25,45 pp excl. 21% VAT.

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