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Escape Room team building Amsterdam

Play an Escape Room in Amsterdam and get locked up in one of our 4 escape rooms. An Escape Room is a game where you are locked up in a room with a group of 4 to 7 people. Each room has its own theme. The goal of an Escape Room is to escape from the room as quickly as possible. You do this by searching for hidden clues and solving riddles. Are you smart enough and can you work well together? Then an escape room team building is definitely for you,

UP Events has 4 different Escape Rooms, each with its own theme. Our rooms are called Room 8, Quarantaine, The Bunker or Vietnamese Victim. We also have 3 kids Escape Rooms called “Grandpa Battle“, “B1 and B2” and “The Streetgang“.

You can book a separate Escape Room below. Do you want to UPgrade your event with an extra activity such as lasergamearchery tagEscape Room or VR games? Do you also want to have a nice drink and enjoy a delicious BBQ? Please fill in the contact form or call +31(0)20-4635850.

Escape Room team building for large groups

We offer four different Escape Room team building experiences for a maximum of 7 persons each. If your group is larger than 28 persons we have several challenging options. You could play in two rounds where half the group plays an Escape Room and the other half of the group enjoys another activity, a drink or a meeting.

You can also choose one of the escape room team building concepts specially developed for larger groups: Escape Challenges Morte Frio and The Monk.

Alternatively you could choose the City Escape Game, an interactive game you could play at our location in Amsterdam or in any city center in the Netherlands.

Price escape room team building 

Duration: 60 – 75 minutes
4 – 5000 persons €19,95 pp excl. 9% VAT.

When you are with less than 4 players you can book for 4 players.

You can book each room separately below or request a quote if you want to book 2 or more escape rooms.

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Room 8

Room 8, Room Escape Amsterdam – January 27, 1918. Sector Sloten Building A. At the section of ammunition storage, they have received a notification that a left extremist anarchist group called Sajo – klub has raided the ammunition warehouse A. At this time, as a security commander, you and your team are responsible to stop this attack. The Sajo, with five men, has planted a bomb that will go off in an hour.

Are you able to stop this extremist attack of the extreme left Sajo?


This escape room team building experience had gained popularity since Covid-19. The story in this escape room team building is that you have just made an emergency landing with your airplane because of illness among the passengers. You are all forced into quarantine. But are the doctors right? Will they get back to release you? Or are they going to kill you and is it better to escape before they come back?

The Bunker

You’re a British resistance fighter during World War II and you are planning to break into a Luftwaffe communication bunker to send a secret message to the English resistance. Around this bunker are five masts so the Germans can pick up flight signals when the English Airforce wants to bomb them. You’re ready for battle. Hopefully you will collect all the information before the German fighters come back.

Vietnamese Victim

As a tourist, you are always careful. Especially when you are in a neighbourhood away from the main tourist areas. But there is this one thing you would like to do in this small shop. Once in the shop, you wonder whether it is a real shop. But soon the question will be overtaken by whether you still have a way back. Will you be able to escape this team building escape room?

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