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Escape room in Amsterdam

After 8 years we have decided to say goodbye to our adult escape rooms. The time has come to innovate. Our kids escape rooms can still be booked. Of course we have our escape room challenges for adults. Escape rooms that you play with different teams in 1 room. This is possible in any space at our location. Or at a location that you have already arranged yourself.

Do you want to UPgrade your event with an extra activity such as Lasergame, Arcade games or Archery tag? Do you also want to have a nice drink and enjoy a delicious BBQ? Please fill in the contact form or call +31(0)204635850.

Escape room with a large group

For larger groups, from 10 people, we have several options to have a great Escape room experience. Our Escape challenges Morte frio and the Monk can be played indoors and up to 2000 people at a time. Our VR game Case de dinero can also be played with larger groups. Or choose one of our city games that you can play at our location in Amsterdam or in a city center in the Netherlands.

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Escape Room Amsterdam

Kids escape room – Grandpa Battle

Kids escape room Grandpa Battle, is the new escape room adventure that makes every children’s party in Amsterdam a success. An escape room game is a game where the children are locked in a room. Each room has its own theme. An escape room game lasts up to 1 hour but the sport is, of course, to escape from the room as quickly as possible. The kids do this by means of solving puzzles, finding clues and good cooperation.

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Kids escape room – The Streetgang

The background story of kids escape room the Streetgang is that you have met some friends on holiday in Asia, and walk across a market. Then you see a group of kids stealing a necklace. You do not think and run straight after them. But when you run into an alley and come to a shop, a door closes behind you, and you realize that you can not get out of there anymore.
The kids you saw are actually quite big. They tell you that you should not interfere with their business, and that they have locked you in.
They will call the police and say that you are thieves. It is therefore important that you liberate yourself before the police arrives. They are expected within the hour!

What others think of our escape rooms

Good ambience and good for team party and gathering
Sachin Borse
Sachin Borse
17:48 29 Jun 22
Great outdoor team event! We played LaserTag and had a wonderful BBQ. All facilitators and staff were very friendly and accommodated. I would definitely plan another team event with UP Events.
Evangelia Papalampidi
Evangelia Papalampidi
08:27 29 Jun 22
Onontdekt pareltje in Amsterdam
Mark Valies
Mark Valies
17:58 27 Jun 22
No experience dealing with them, but the company event hosted by them was great. Lots to do, well organised, good food and had a really good day.
Greg Hesp
Greg Hesp
07:15 26 Jun 22
The staff are really friendly, the BBQ was good, and the Archery Tag was lots of fun
Gerrit Mesker
Gerrit Mesker
19:18 24 Jun 22
Archery tag was super fun
Amr Youssef
Amr Youssef
18:37 23 Jun 22
Wat een heerlijke plek!! Perfecte locatie aan de rand van Amsterdam om echt eens uit je comfort zone te gaan. Wij hebben een tweedaags leiderschap event mogen faciliteren voor 100 internationale managers die deze dagen als 5* hebben bestempeld en dat komt mede dankzij de ontspannen ervaring op het terrein. Het team wil ook nog even even high lighten! Vanaf het eerste contact met Pim die ons had aanbevolen aan de eindklant, tot Roy die ons event overzag…. Stuk voor stuk allemaal super authentiek, ontspannen en gastvrij. Waar vind je dit tegenwoordig?!! We zijn echt hartstikke tevreden en zouden UP echt aan iedereen aanraden❤️❤️
Viona Terleth
Viona Terleth
14:46 23 Jun 22
Leuke locatie, lekker informeel. BBQ viel tegen. Werd niet snel genoeg bijgevuld.
Natasja A. vK
Natasja A. vK
11:43 23 Jun 22
Ernst van Voorst
Ernst van Voorst
08:38 23 Jun 22