Online energizer Run Forrest Run

Online energizer Run Forrest run is a perfect option during your online event or online meeting. The Covid-19 outbreak has changed a lot in the meeting and event industry. Many meetings cannot take place in their usual form and are forced to take place online. Online meetings of 4 hours are no longer an exception, but how do you keep the energy and focus up?

Exactly, use one of our online energizers. Short activities that provides variety for the participants, to release energy and to focus attention. The purpose of our online energizers is mainly that it is fun. That there is a moment of having fun together.

How does energizer Run Forrest run work

Run Forrest run is an online energizer where participants are forced to go outside. Away from their laptop. To stretch the legs, move, make healthy meters in the fresh air and all of this in a playful way. The game is played through our game app. Which can be easily downloaded on your own smartphone. Starting the game is easy via a QR code that we email you.
Every 50 meters that the participants travel triggers a question or assignment. If you answer the question correctly or if you perform the assignment well, you will earn points. The more meters you make, the more questions you will receive and the more points you can score.
Which of you will get the highest score?

Keywords: Fun, active & outdoor, creative thinking, brain teasers, solving puzzles and braing games, virtual / digital.

Price online energizer Run Forrest run

Duration: 15/30 minutes (you can choose how long)
Number of people: 10 – 5000
Price: €9,95 p.p. excl.VAT.
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Example program

17:00 – 17:02 Explanation game (or Do It Yourself)
17:00 – 17:15 15 minutes of outdoor fun
17:15 – 17:20 Announce the winner + view images